Nov 2014: Heading to Plymouth!

Kristin and I are heading to Plymouth in the coming week and we are beyond excited!  We’ll share lots of pictures and insights from our trip. We have this pipe dream that we will come across Alice’s diary (which tells us who her parents are), her confession as to why she killed Martha (or who the real killer is), cause of death for George Clarke, and what happened to his daughter, Abigail. Perhaps, we have overly ambitious expectations….

On another note, I want to publicly thank my outstanding co-author, Kristin Luce. She is 100 percent the motivation for this blog overhaul. Many of the pieces on this blog reflect Kristin’s high-caliber work and discuss matters I had never considered. Kristin asks the best questions as a critical reader and keeps my punctuation from being another family crime.

5 thoughts on “Nov 2014: Heading to Plymouth!

  1. Be sure to visit Plimoth Plantation and experience a 17th-century time warp…very “Old English”

    Harry Sutton
    Wolfeboro,New Hampshire

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