Picture of Erin with husband and son

Erin with husband Jack and youngest, Henry.

Kristin Luce & family in Paris, 2008

Kristin Luce & family in Paris, 2008

Erin Taylor is the descendant of English, Irish, Cherokee, Cajun, land-owning, land-thieving, courageous, questionable, homesteading and homicidal American settlers. She is the mother to five children, author of two books, and works professionally as a disability advocate in Oklahoma. Erin’s daughter, Gwyn, designed the blog’s banner using original artwork.

Alice Martin Bishop is her 10x great grandmother and blog co-author Kristin Luce is her distant yet, close to Erin’s heart, Martin cousin. Other writings and image work by Erin Taylor can be found at (2015).

Kristin Luce was happily researching her 19th-century Pennsylvania Luces when Erin Taylor wheedled her into this blog, but she is enjoying getting to know her Plymouth Colony ancestors, and trying not to confuse the Pilgrims and the Puritans.

A freelance editor, Kristin is the mother of two daughters and lives on the California coast. She is grateful to Erin for encouraging her to start writing again.

In the future, we will consider guest submissions to this post. Appropriate use of primary and secondary source material, topical relevance, and editing on our part are all part of the process of being a guest blogger.

Erin & Kristin, Plymouth 2014

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  1. I was recently researching my ancestry and discovered Bishop was also my 10x grandmother[demitrius/William sutton] I’m curious about your link to alice. please respond.

    • Hi Earl — which link are you talking about? If it is the link of Killer Kin’s Facebook page, it should go back to this blog which I write with Kristin Luce.

  2. I’m greatly enjoying your site. I am 12 generations descended from Richard Bishop and Alice Martin. James Bishop’s daughter Elizabeth married John Bonney. Six generations of Bonney’s later, Abigail Bonney married Adoniram Robinson, who is my great, great, great grandfather. Extended families of Bonneys and Robinsons settled in the Hartford-Sumner, Maine area. I grew up in nearby Norway, Maine and currently live in Farmingdale, Maine. Sorry, no website.

  3. Hello dears,

    Apparently the lovely Alice Martin is also my 10X great granny!! I always suspected there was something slightly odd about my family! Nice to meet you all ! We should have a huge family reunion one day and spend it not murdering people! Most of my family comes from New Jersey originally. I currently live there , although I have also lived in many other places. My kids and I are quite amused by all this, although my daughter in law is now wondering what she’s gotten into! I have a family tree on It’s public and it’s the Genne’-Bacon family tree.

    • Welcome Ruth! We haven’t been very active on this site recently because we’ve been working on other projects, but it’s nice to know that distant cousins are still stopping by.

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